Ep 11: Hello Kitty Forest Adventure

August 16, 2017

Realising that the heroes have overstayed their welcome, they head off continuing their trip towards the capital. After a few hours travel, a small disturbance makes itself known in the bushes near the road. Naturally the party goes to investigate. What they find is a small, scared, juveline Displacer Beast, lost and alone in the forest. Seeing it as a sign, Keggy snatches up the Displacer Kitten after a breif scrap to try and make beer out of it, against the advice of his spiritual mentor Kegyatta.

Understandably the kitten didn't want to be made into beer, and before long when the party rests an angry mother comes looking for its child, realising they have perhaps bitten off more they can chew the party argues with keggy that he should return the kitten to it's mother. Stubbornly Keggy refuses to give up the kitten, it's already cost him his place in the brotherhood will it cost him his life?



August 9, 2017

Learning of the town's sinister plan to appease their overlord with the sacrifice of adventurers, the Brutal Fluffy Chuggers plan how best to tackle the sticky situation they find themselves in. Realising they need allies they head back into town eager to recruit an army from the remaining competitors found in the town, but in classic brutal fashion decide not to tell them what they are even doing.

The heroes decide to host a concert and a moshpit in the cave under the guise of a final chalice returning ceremony, but things get carried away as they always do and they forget why they are even here. After a long time of rocking out they hear a roar and a screech, when they go to check what has happened they find the town in flames, much of it already reduced to ash.

Can the Brutal Fluffy Chuggers save the day again? Or has their questionable morals brought an end to this town and everyone in it?


Ep 09: Humble in Victory

August 2, 2017

Emerging victorious from the trials and challenges of the tournament, the heroes reluctant hand over the chalice. The Gnomes warning still echoing inside their heads. Cautiously they continue along what looks to be a dark and terrible path.

The games give way to festival as the town rejoices, everyone is found to be feasting and drinking until their hearts content. Amidst the chaos of celebration Keggy seeks the advice of his new family, the Brewamster clan. Kegyatta warns him of a beast that comes, Keggy's future isn't certain as an abomination stands in the way.

What could this mean for the Brutal Fluffy Chuggers? Keggy the robot Keg feels a very human chill as he watches his friends enjoy the festivities. And what awaits them back in the cave when they return the chalice to its rightful owner.


Ep 08: Spigots & Schemes

July 26, 2017

As the Brutal Fluffy Chuggers win their match they kick back to watch the competition, trying to size up their next opponents. It would appear the games are rigged however, as the team of Drow named The Reapers are casting as many spells as they like without the judges calling it.

Eager to uncover the mystery as to how and why, the Brutal Fluffy Chuggers set off to investigate the Referee team whilst Keggy distracts everyone in the town with 'a free go on his spigot'.

Are the games rigged? Is it simply a bribe to let matchfixing slide, stacking the odds and ruining bets or is there are more nefarious play happening?


Ep 07: Push the Damn Payload

July 19, 2017

The tournament inches closer with the heroes taking shelter for the night in a shit and vomit filled pig pen. The awaken after a rough night to a crowd milling around the town square as the teams assembled. With very little ceremony an extremely hungover Boznan addresses the teams assembled. First round is the Half-Orcs that Torg upset the night prior in the arm wrestling competition... in a 3 on 3 bare knuckle boxing match.

How will the Brutal Fluffy Chuggers fare against such violent individuals? How will Keggy react to the mysterious wanderer who ahs been observing him? And most importantly what will Yimm light on fire next?


Episode 06: Let the Games Begin!

July 12, 2017

The adventure continues on the road towards the capital city of Aves. As night begins to fall the party becomes wary, deciding to press on to the next town instead of make camp in the woods. It's not too long until they spot a camp of goblins trying to ambush travelers on the road they travel. As is custom, the party quickly inflicts violence upon them and runs down the last few goblins who attempt to flee.

Continue their travels to the town they find themselves at the Inn, which is packed to the rafters with would be heroes and adventurers. It turns out everyone is gathered for a tournament that is happenin over the next few days, some quick thinking and clever wording from Yimm gets the heroes signed up under the team name 'The Brutal Fluffy Chuggers'.

A fight breaks out as tensions rise at the Inn, the guards storm in and begin arresting people... How will The Brutal Fluffy Chuggers avoid arrest and how will they fare at the tournament which starts in a few hours.


Ep 05: Witches Get Stitches

July 4, 2017

Our heroes find themselves on the trail towards the capital city of Aves, in search of fortune and adventure. After a few hours travel they path darkens, the trees all around have become gnarled and twisted, haunted shells of the natural beauty they once represented. The party find themselves trudging through the fringes of a swamp until they reach a fork in the road, the left path continues on to Aves whislt the right path leads to a small village resting in the swamp. A sense of duty and generally inquisitive nature leads the heroes to investigate the village.

There they meet an elderly gnome woman who introduces herself as Gertrude. After Keggy gets Gertrude very drunk she tells a the party a tale of woe, that this land is cursed by terrible witches who live on the far side of the swamp.

Again compelled by their sense of duty, the heroes offer to slay the witches and rid the land of the curse. Having made a hasty decision to help, Gertrude offers to show them where the witches live, but is she telling the whole truth?



Ep 04: With Friends Like These…

June 27, 2017

Having just spared some dark elf villages after attacking and burning down their homes in the name of justice, our heroes decide to take the now dark elf refugees back to the wood elf camp to help them create a new life. Poorly worded negotiations from Zeek destroy any chances of the dark elves settling in as well as any of the promised rewards for rescuing the wood elf prisoners. And then Yimm lights everything on fire…


Ep 03: KIll it with FIRE!

June 20, 2017

After their night in the cursed mansion, our heroes resume their travels in search of civilisation. After being a bit turned around in the woods they find their way to a hidden path, leading them to a wood elf settlement called Lunar Grove. The initial interaction with the wood elves is one of hostility as the heroes blundered onto their lands, but some quick thinking and a Zeek’s silver tongue prevent a skirmish breaking out. The leader of the wood elves who is known as Fithvela offers everyone warm food and allows them to replenish their supplies, in exchange she asks for their help with a problem her village faces.


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Ep 02: Beast Our Guest

June 15, 2017

Hungry, tired, lost and with a storm picking up, our heroes decide to head towards a mansion in the woods. Quickly clambering over the gate and up the front steps it would appear no one is home. With her judgement clouded by the desperation of the situation, Yimm declares the place abandoned and safe to spend the night in.

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