Ep 06: Let the Games Begin!

July 12, 2017

The adventure continues on the road towards the capital city of Aves. As night begins to fall the party becomes wary, deciding to press on to the next town instead of make camp in the woods. It's not too long until they spot a camp of goblins trying to ambush travelers on the road they travel. As is custom, the party quickly inflicts violence upon them and runs down the last few goblins who attempt to flee.

Continue their travels to the town they find themselves at the Inn, which is packed to the rafters with would be heroes and adventurers. It turns out everyone is gathered for a tournament that is happenin over the next few days, some quick thinking and clever wording from Yimm gets the heroes signed up under the team name 'The Brutal Fluffy Chuggers'.

A fight breaks out as tensions rise at the Inn, the guards storm in and begin arresting people... How will The Brutal Fluffy Chuggers avoid arrest and how will they fare at the tournament which starts in a few hours.


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