August 9, 2017

Learning of the town's sinister plan to appease their overlord with the sacrifice of adventurers, the Brutal Fluffy Chuggers plan how best to tackle the sticky situation they find themselves in. Realising they need allies they head back into town eager to recruit an army from the remaining competitors found in the town, but in classic brutal fashion decide not to tell them what they are even doing.

The heroes decide to host a concert and a moshpit in the cave under the guise of a final chalice returning ceremony, but things get carried away as they always do and they forget why they are even here. After a long time of rocking out they hear a roar and a screech, when they go to check what has happened they find the town in flames, much of it already reduced to ash.

Can the Brutal Fluffy Chuggers save the day again? Or has their questionable morals brought an end to this town and everyone in it?


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