Ep 09: Humble in Victory

August 2, 2017

Emerging victorious from the trials and challenges of the tournament, the heroes reluctant hand over the chalice. The Gnomes warning still echoing inside their heads. Cautiously they continue along what looks to be a dark and terrible path.

The games give way to festival as the town rejoices, everyone is found to be feasting and drinking until their hearts content. Amidst the chaos of celebration Keggy seeks the advice of his new family, the Brewamster clan. Kegyatta warns him of a beast that comes, Keggy's future isn't certain as an abomination stands in the way.

What could this mean for the Brutal Fluffy Chuggers? Keggy the robot Keg feels a very human chill as he watches his friends enjoy the festivities. And what awaits them back in the cave when they return the chalice to its rightful owner.


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