Ep 02: Beast Our Guest

June 15, 2017

Hungry, tired, lost and with a storm picking up, our heroes decide to head towards a mansion in the woods. Quickly clambering over the gate and up the front steps it would appear no one is home. With her judgement clouded by the desperation of the situation, Yimm declares the place abandoned and safe to spend the night in.

Torg wanders about to secure the perimeter, an uneasy feeling in his stomach. It’s almost as if he is being watched.

The Professor sets up a magical camp and conjures forth some very simple rations as the party settles in to rest for the night, Zeek strums her lute and Keggy brews a quick batch of beer to try raise everyone’s spirits.

A loud bang comes from upstairs that sets the heroes on edge, maybe they aren’t alone after all…

Blaming everyone else for their hard times, Zeek wishes to leave the mansion as hunger pains and fatigue take their toll on her resolve. Despite the Bard’s complaints the party sets off upstairs to investigate the noise.

After a few botched attempts at investigating the area Yimm is bitten on the hand by a hallway table, recoiling her hand from the furniture the party notices an impossibly wide toothy grin on the table as it coils ready to pounce. The doors slammed themselves shut as other bits of furniture sprang to life, eager to devour our adventurers.

Clearly shaken and not ready to do battle, most of the heroes’ attacks miss the evil foot stools and chest of drawers, nearly knocking down the Professor and consuming him whole. After a few brief combats and with their exit barred, the party decides to keep heading upwards and onwards through the mansion, best to be sure there’s no other threats looking to disrupt their night’s rest. Professor Portland identifies the creatures as mimics, not as powerful as he had seen before but remarkable none the less.

Torg takes the lead clearing the next floor, Keggy eagerly behind to help protect his new best friend. Sweeping through the halls cautiously, double checking each piece of furniture for signs of life before happening upon the kitchen. The knives and pots trembled on the walls eager to throw themselves at Keggy as he kicks in the door, quick thinking from Yimm and her spells prevented Keggy from being pierced by a dozen cooking utensils.

The next floor was revealed to be a ball room complete with dining tables and chairs, paranoia sets in as the party stares trembling. A bit of quick thinking from Yimm again causes a tremor in the floor to help find more mimics, a few chairs bolt for the door but as the heroes give chase they are ambushed.

A massive long table ruse up like a centipede and charges headlong at Torg. A maelstrom of battle engulfed the room, with spells and axes and splintered wood flying in every direction. The party emerged triumphant and sets on upstairs in pursuit of a bestial howl and heavy footsteps heard above.

Arriving at the top floor, the party investigates paintings that show a hideous beastly man scowling before finding their way through a door to a huge and highly decorated bedroom. Cautiously they proceed until Torg is dragged into the bed by silk curtains, a large maw attempting to devour him. The party desperately scraps with the bed which the Professor identifies as an Ancient Mimic, powerful beyond anything he has seen, rescuing Torg from its clutches before he is devoured.

In a flash of lightning there is revealed a hideous face and a hulking form of a beast at the window but it is gone as it came.

Our heroes clamber up onto the roof and confront the beast, Yimm charms the beast and convinces him to come instead and share some information with the party before he turns feral and attacks them. Zeek growing tired of the situation unleashes a mighty thunder wave from her lute which nearly kills the entire party… not her finest hour. However, the party emerges victorious and after looting the room finds crystal rose in a glass case which the Professor is unable to identify due to the fatigue.

Having a good night’s rest and much needed meal, the party weathers the storm indoors before setting off in the morning in search of a warm bed and a proper meal.


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