Ep 01: The Adventure Begins

June 6, 2017

Our adventure begins with the heroes invited to the opening of a fabled Cloudbrew brewery, a legendary franchise thought to have been destroyed more than 200 years ago. Their host, a mysterious Halfling named Zoot Cloudbrew.

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As the evening’s festivities kick on not all is it seems, as the patrons begin vomiting and dying off it is clear someone has tampered with the beer. The heroes barely maintain consciousness as everyone drops like flies around them. Left standing is Keggy the Magical Beer Keg, Torg the Half-Orc Barbarian, Yimm the Tiefling Warlock, Zeek the brutal Half-Elf Bard and Professor Portland the Wizard.

The brewery and Halfling employees melt away to reveal a dark cave and a sinister looking Kobold gloating over them, he tells the party that if they want to live they will recover an artefact for him in the cave ahead. Having been tricked into drinking poisonous Kobold shit beer, the party has no choice but to accept the quest given to them by Zoot the Kobold in exchange for an antidote to alleviate the horrible sickness inflicted upon them.

Reluctantly the party treks down the dark tunnels until reaching their destination, a small Kobold fortress. Busting through one of two doors, they are faced with an enslaved Orc blacksmith who seeks to break free and slay his captors, after a heated exchange with Torg they eventually free him and head back to clear out the Barracks of Kobold militia. Kicking in the door the party is quick to inflict violence upon their foe, Zeek in particular reeks bloody havoc upon the Kobolds with her flashy display of pyrotechnics and power chords.

After dispatching all their foes, the party loots the room and formulates a plan to move ahead. The Professor utilising his deep and vast bag of arcane tricks possesses a spider familiar to locate and open a secret door much to Yimm’s disgust, her deep fear of spiders surfacing as she refuses to go one step further. Keggy sets off with a headlong charge down the secret hallway, triggering a trap that sporadically engulfs the party in fire. Guided by the squeals and wails of Zeek’s lute, the party avoids the traps, coming face to face with a Kobold Mage. Keggy quickly dons some bedsheets looted earlier and successfully intimidates the Mage, convincing him he is in fact a ‘Spoopy Ghost’.

While the Mage trembles in pants shitting terror, the party loots the room and an adjacent treasure room, Keggy takes of running towards a small underground pond and begins cleaning themselves with the assistance of Yimm. The party snatches up 200 gold as well an ornate gem encrusted scroll case. Zeek also manages to get her hands on what the Professor identifies as a cursed blade known as the Disturbed Dagger.

Keen to test her new weapon, she sneaks up on the Mage while Torg distracts him. With a flash of steel and a battle cry of ‘OH WAHAHAHA’ Zeek cuts down the Mage. Looting some scroll cases from the Mage’s body, they party finds the recipe for the mythological Cloudbrew which Keggy instantly uses. Realising this was the artefact Zoot was after, quick thinking from Yimm turns another scroll into the artefact with a simple Illusion. Handing this fraud scroll over to Zoot, the party receives the antidote as well as a messenger device allowing Zoot to contact them any time.

The party sets off to find an ACTUAL beer and some hot food, sharing a bond of hunger and adventure they decide to stick together for now.


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